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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ghetto Tabernacle

A turf war broke out over somebody's BOYFRIEND??

It's not like anyone exchanged vows or signed pre-nups. Ain't no money changing hands when the whole thing falls apart. Somebody make me understand this!


Minister Shot, Killed In Fight Over Woman
Shooter Flees Scene

HOUSTON -- The minister of a northwest Harris County church was killed in a fight over two women at an apartment complex, officials told KPRC Local 2.

Deputies said it began Sunday when an argument broke out at the I Surrender All church between two groups -- those siding with the minister's ex-girlfriend and those siding with his current girlfriend.

"Apparently, during Sunday morning services, there was some altercation at the church, after services, between the ex-girlfriend and the new girlfriend of the minister," said Sgt. Bruce Williams of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The group siding with the ex-girlfriend went to an apartment complex in the 14100 block of Cornerstone Village near Walter on Sunday night, where the sister of the minister's current girlfriend lives.

The minister, identified as 36-year-old Leroy Wilson, and the girlfriend were then called to the apartment.

The group began arguing and a man pulled a gun and shot Wilson shortly after 10 p.m., deputies said.

The shooter fled the scene. Investigators said he was a parishioner who sided with the ex-girlfriend.

Family members described Wilson as the man who helped everyone.

"I just can't believe it," said Ruth Randle, the victim's mother. "Leroy was a good man. He helped all the down-and-out people -- the people that nobody else would help."

Family members said Wilson's death had nothing to do with his love life.

"What made me mad was when they said this was a love triangle. No, it wasn't a love triangle. It was about a man that was trying to save another woman's life and got in the way of a bully," Randle said.

The I Surrender All church held services at the Wingate Inn, located at 9050 Mills Road. Wilson started his ministry about one year ago.


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