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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Kimora's Feet Worth $6600

I can't stand behind the veracity of the following article.

But then, it's usually more fun when it ISN'T true...


New York -- Kimora Lee Simmons, the estranged wife of multi-millionaire businessman and rap producer, Russell Simmons, spoke to reporters yesterday while receiving a foot bath in 1957 Nickolls and Perk Cristal valued at $1312.50 per bottle. She stated, "I am happy and wished that Russell and I departed years ago."

The fashion maven, clothed in a Chanel satin suit, was also apparently intoxicated.

"Russell and I had outgrown one another years ago and the little blue pill did not help our sex life," Kimora said. "This is off the record...oh hell you can report it -- Russell was awful in bed!"

The fashion mogul continued, "We will continue our business relationship and we will both be active in our kids' lives, but the romance is what...over!"


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